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Friday, December 2, 2011

Finally Back!

Hi! I have been missing in action! Really, I had a runaway computer that hitch-hiked to college with my daughter. I am now sharing a computer with my son and husband.
Maybe it won't be as hard to divide our time when football season is over. :)

While I can not begin to catch up on everything, I would love to start out with...

Walking regularly after Kacey left for college was difficult.
I kept thinking "when it cools off it'll be easier!"
Oh, sure it's easier to sit on that sofa and put it off until tomorrow, especially
when there isn't anyone to say "do it now!!!"

But Thanksgiving came up and I knew she would be coming home. So we planned to walk
in the 3rd Annual Savannah Turkey Trot. I was a bit nervous, but really more excited!

Thursday morning 6:30a.m.(and 39 degrees) I don't ever get up when it's dark! But it would take us about an hour to drive there. We arrived at Daffin Park about 8a.m 
The race was to start at 8:30. The sun was shining, although a bit windy, it was starting to warm up. It was supposed to get up around 50 degrees, perfect weather. I have to admit I was surprise to see some people in shorts and tank tops.
But I loved seeing all the dogs that were there to chase the Turkey! 
It was a wonderful way to spend a special day with a very special person.

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